National Stadium

Bird NestAs ancient capital of six dynasties, Beijing has a long and glorious history. And of course there is a lot of historical sightseeing in Beijing. But in order to meet the needs of tourists from all over the world, Beijing also built a lot of modern architectures to show the prosperity in recent years. Among so many modern attractions, the National Stadium, Bird Nest is very popular and regarded as the must visit scenic spot in Beijing by the majority of foreign tourists.

The National Stadium also called Bird Nest is the main stadium of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. With the unique shape, it is commonly known as the "Bird Nest". The Bird Nest has 100,000 seats during the Olympic Games to host the Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies and track and field events and football final. Completed by 2001 Pritzker Prize winner Herzog & de Meuron and Chinese architect Li Xinggang cooperation giant stadium design, form as to sustain life "nest", it is more like a cradle, is entrusted with the human hope for the future. The designers did not do any extra processing of the National Stadium-Bird Nest, just frankly exposed structural, and thus naturally the appearance of the building.

The excellent opening ceremony of the fantastic performances of 29th Summer Olympics, the athletes worked hard on the court gave the world left a profound impression. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games left a brilliant page in the history of the Olympic Movement. Since December 25th, 2008, Bird Nest officially opened to the public. Disabled revolutionary servicemen, retired cadres, 70 years old people and children under 1.2 meters are free of charge to visit the Bird Nest. Servicemen, disabled people, elderly people aged 60 and above 70 years of age and school students, to produce valid documents can be half-price visit. The tour guides with the national tour guide certificate to visit, free of charge.

After the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Bird Nest extensive public participation in sports activities and enjoy the large professional sports and entertainment places and become the iconic sports buildings and the Olympic legacy.

Opposite to the Bird Nest is another famous attraction-Water Cube which provides the charming night scenery. As the new landmark of modern Beijing, there are many Beijing tour lines on the internet contain these attractions. If you are interested in them, you could surf the internet to get some detail information. Have a nice trip in Beijing!
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