Bird’s Nest

Bird’s NestThe spectacular Birds Nest stadium in Beijing is hailed as the finest arena in the world and full of hidden symbolism. With the Water Cube (in square) in the opposite, the Bird’s Nest (in round) is said to mirror a traditional Chinese philosophy that the sky is round and the ground is square, which serves as the basic regimen in Chinese culture. In Chinese mythology, the sun is represented by a circle and the moon by a square, reflected in the shapes of the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube. The shapes arew highly reinforced when they are lit at night, red for the Birds Nest and blue for the Water Cube. The shapes also reflect the Chinese symbols for male and female, as they are built along the north-south axis which runs in a perfect straight line for three miles through Beijing.

Located in the Olympic Green, the Bird’s Nest stadium boasts as the worlds largest steel structure. Inspired by Chinese ceramics, steel beams were used in the design in order to hide supports for the retractable roof, which gives the stadium the appearance of a Birds nest. The eastern and western stands of Beijing National Stadium are higher than northern and southern stands, in order to improve sightlines. A 24-hour per day rainwater collector is located near the stadium; after water is purified, it is used throughout and around the stadium. Pipes placed under the playing surface gather heat in the winter to warm the stadium and coldness in the summer to cool the stadium. The Bird’s Nest design originally called for a capacity of 100,000 people; however 9,000 were removed during a simplification of the design. The new total of 91,000 was shaved further when 11,000 temporary seats were removed after the 2008 Olympics; bringing the stadiums current capacity to 80,000.

Beijing Bird’s Nest hosted the spectacular Opening and Closing Ceremonies, athletic events, and football final of the 2008 Summer Olympics, from 8 August to 24 August 2008. The stadium also hosted the Opening and Closing ceremonies and athletic events of the 2008 Summer Paralympics from 6 September to 17 September 2008. Though designed for track & field events of the Olympics, Bird’s Nest will continue to host sporting events, such as football, afterwards. A shopping mall and a hotel, with rooms overlooking the field, are situated in the stadium to help increase visitor flow after the Olympics. Nowadays, Bird’s Nest has become the most important public center in Beijing.

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Bird’s Nest in Beijing

Bird’s Nest in BeijingThe Beijing National Stadium, or Bird’s Nest for its shape, used to be the main Olympic stadium. Nowadays, it has become one of the most outstanding landmarks in Beijing. With the Water Cube (in square) in the opposite, the Bird’s Nest (in round) is fully in line with a traditional Chinese philosophy that the sky is round and the ground is square (which serves as the basic regimen in Chinese culture that the achievement and completion are based on the formulated rules).

During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, as the main stadium, the Bird’s Nest is the site for both the opening and closing ceremonies, the track and field events and football finals; moreover, Bird’s Nest had witnessed a series of magnificent record-breaking performances. Located on a slowly rising base, the north flank of the Bird’s Nest is the warm-up area for athletes, and the underground area of the rising base is the complicated appendage of the stadium offering rational entering ways for different populations. On the rising base, there are seven storeys equipped with spectator service facilities, media area and VIP area; under the base are three storeys for the interior paths, parking lot and a larger number of functional rooms; and the bowl-shape stand in Bird’s Nest are divided into the upper, central and lower storeys, between the central and lower of which are some VIP boxes.

Composed of a suite of steel trusses embracing the bowl-shape seating area, the original external form of the National Stadium as a Bird’s Nest is unique and artistic. It creates a very strong visual impact and fully embodies the beauty of the harmony between the nature and architecture. Having adopted advanced design techniques in energy saving and environmental protection, the Beijing Bird’s Nest is favorable in natural ventilation, natural lighting, the recovery of rainwater, the utilization of reproducible geothermal energy resources, and the application of solar photovoltaic power generation, which make the Bird’s Nest a Green Building in reality as well in name.

Nowadays, as 2008 Olympic Games ended, Bird’s Nest has been opened to the public. Over the years, it has become one of the most popular destinations among the tourists from all over the world. As a new landmark of Beijing city, it has played an active part in diversifying and enriching the people’s lives in Beijing. In the future, it will bring more surprises to the world and become more and more popular.
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The City of Children’s Olympic Dreams

08-29-Birds-NestNowadays, Bird’s Nest has become an outstanding landmark and an iconic structure in Beijing. Every year, millions of people flood into this spot and get a glimpse of this famous structure. In recent years, Bird’s Nest Children Experience Center has risen up as one of the most endeared destination among the tourists. Now let’s pay a visit to this place.
“My Olympic” Bird’s Nest Center is located at Torch Square and covers an area of 20,000 square meters. It is open to the public from April to October. It boasts as the first Olympic Experience Stadium which is a miniature Olympic Games Stadium and a city of children’s Olympic dreams. It has highly imitated a series of Olympic scenes, like city facilities, sports equipments, costumes, social system and Olympic atmosphere. It offers three types of theme experiences, like Olympic Sports, Olympic Vocations and Olympic Cultures. Bird’s Nest Children Experience Center is the most ideal venue to spend some quality time with your kids.
Within Bird’s Nest Children Experience Center, a large group of experience programs is available for the kids, like fencing, hockey, baseball, shooting, kayak and basketball and so on. Moreover, it also offers a series of Olympic vocation experience areas, like volunteer center, torch center, stadium building center, Olympic express, hospital and fire station and so on. In Bird’s Nest Children Experience Center, about 60 programs and 100 roles are available for the kids to experience. During this trip, the kids will get closer to the whole processes of the Olympic Games, from the stadium’s erection to gold-winning moments. Not only can they acquire some gymnastic skills but also have a load of fun while experiencing the hard-work and sports. Bird’s Nest Children Experience Center offers a healthy and happy environment for the kids to completely elevate them in mental quality, gymnastic knowledge and social skills.
These unique experiences in Bird’s Nest Children Experience Center will play an important part in building their body and spreading Olympic knowledge among the kids. Through taking part in these programs, the kids will learn something about self-help and team-work which are very important in terms of their growth.
Over the years, Bird’s Nest Children Experience Center has become a must-visit spot for the tourists in Beijing. It has become the most ideal venue for the tourists to spend some quality time with their kids during weekends or vacations. In the near future, it will be getting more and more popular.
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1 Day Beijing Hutong, Lama Temple, Panda Zoo Bus Tour

In this tour below, visitors could visit Hutong, Lama Temple, Panda Zoo, and Olympic Stadium in one day. Create your memorable trip in Beijing with our organized, best service tour. Some tour details below:

1 Day Bus Tour: Beijing Hutong, Lama Temple, Panda Zoo

1 Day Beijing Hutong, Lama Temple, Panda Zoo Bus TourPrice From: US$ 30( 192 CNY )

Departure: You decide!
Tour Duration: about 8 hours include lunch
Pick-up place and time: Your City Center Hotel about 8:00am
Finishing place and time: Your City Center Hotel around 5:00pm
Payment Method: Cash, Credit Cards, Wire, Western Union
Tour Guide Language: English
Feature: One day Group tour including Hutong, Lama Temple, Panda and the Olympic Stadiums will let you know more about both the modern and old Beijing, service include hotel transfers, tour guide, lunch and entrance tickets.

Customer’s review:

Different with the scenic spots tour, this bus tour is great enough to visit the specific and wonderful places, especially the Panda Zoo. It was quite spread out and was a very nice visit, pandas are lovely and pretty. Of course the popular panda area was quite crowded, but the pandas even cooperated with the cameras a bit. They were adorable and active, even lazy, but just these characteristic made them so cute that I want to hug them closely. Never miss them!

Detail Itinerary

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Essential Beijing 2 Days Tour

2 Days Beijing Tour Package A (with hotel)

Price From: US$ 118( 750 CNY )

Bird NestDay 1: Beijing (L)
1. On arrival in Beijing, you will be met by our tour guide and directly have an excursion from Beijing airport to Badaling Great Wall. Sightseeing on Great Wall Badaling section for about 2 hours. On the way to Badaling Great Wall, a short visit of Jade Carving Factory. It was not only the excellent skill on carving, but also mixes many Chinese traditional cultures in the jade carving.
- Badaling Great Wall: The most famous and best-preserved section of the Great Wall.
2. Drive you to downtown Beijing and have an outside view of Olympic Stadium including the Bird Nest and Water Cube. Then transfer you to the hotel and free for the rest of the day.

Forbidden CityDay 2: Beijing (B, L)
1. After breakfast, pick you up from hotel on departure time, and then driving to the Tiananmen Square and visit Forbidden City (including the Exhibition of Treasures).
- Tiananmen Square: The largest public square in the world with a total area of 440,000 square meters.
- Forbidden City: The best preserved imperial palace in China and the largest ancient palatial structure in the world.
2. After lunch visit the Temple of Heaven. Then transfer you to Beijing airport or railway station and see off.
- Temple of Heaven: The largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings in China.

Detail Itinerary

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The Great Wall & Ming Tomb

Bird Nest is the main stadium for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, is a unique hall. With the water Cube, they are the symbols of modern architecture in Beijing.

Great WallAs one of the world wonders of ancient world, the Great Wall attracts amounts of visitors from home and abroad. Which section for visiting becomes the most important question. In fact, every section of the Great Wall owns their characteristic, people can according to the characteristics to choose which section to visit. The Great Wall at Badaling is the most famous section as it was first opened to public with the best preserved wall and the complete services. And it fits for everyone to hike it without the steeper path and the dangerous terrain. Badaling Great Wall is 3741m totally and its strategic position in History is very important, and it has witnessed many significant historic events. The Great Wall at Mutianyu is famous for its beautiful views. It is said that the Great Wall at Mutianyu is the most famous section no matter in which season, is the essence of Ming Great Wall and one of the Beijing New Sixteen Views. The characters of opened Great Wall are the both sides have crenels and three buildings stand together, especially in Zhengguantai. It was surrounded by mountains and planted with vegetation covers more than 90%.

ZhaolingMing Tomb, also known as the Thirteen Tomb, is located at Changping County in Beijing, is the cluster of royal ceremonies in Ming Dynasty. From the third emperor to the last emperor, there are 13 emperors were buried here with their wives. At present, the opened spots in Ming Tomb are Changling, Dingling, Zhaoling and Sacred Road. Dingling was built in 12th to 18th of Wanli in Ming dynasty, which is the joint tomb of Zhu Yijun who is the Wanli Emperor, and Xiao Duan and Xiao Jing empresses, and is also the only one tomb can be allowed to visit its underground palace. Changling was the accomplished in 11th of Yongle, which is the tomb of Zhu Li who is the third emperor in Ming dynasty. Chang Ling is also the earliest and biggest one. These two tombs are the main visiting spots for visitors. And the Sacred Road is the supporting construction of Changling which is the main tomb in Ming Tombs, so the Sacred Road is the main road to the area of Ming Tombs. All other sacred roads are extended from this main Sacred Road, so it was called the main Sacred Road.

Related Routes:

Badaling Great Wall, Ming Tombs & Olympic Stadium Day Tour from US$ 46/pax

1 Day Bus Tour: Badaling Great Wall, Ming Tombs & Olympic Stadium for US$ 20/pax

1 Day Bus Tour: Mutianyu Great Wall, Ming Tombs & Olympic Stadium for US$ 30/pax
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National Stadium - Bird Nest

Bird Nest

2 Day Beijing Tour Package A (with hotel) from US$ 118/pax

5 Day Beijing Tour Package - Bus Tour A (with hotel) from US$ 240/pax

1 Day Tour: Badaling Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Olympic Stadium from US$ 46/pax

1 Day Tour: Mutianyu Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Olympic Stadium from US$ 52/pax

Located at southern part of the Olympic Green in Beijing, the National Stadium, also known as the Bird Nest is the main stadium of the 29th Olympiad in 2008. It hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, the track and field competitions, and the football finals. After the Olympics, it became a large-scale sports and entertainment facility for the residents of Beijing -- an architectural landmark and Olympic legacy. The main body of the National Stadium is a colossal saddle-shaped elliptic steel structure weighing 42,000 tons, has a design life of 100 years, is 333 meters long from north to south, 294 meters wide from east to west, and 69 meters tall.. The design of Beijing Olympic Stadium is full of humanistic cares, the line-of-sight distance is around 140 meters, no matter where the audiences sit. There are 200 wheelchair pews in auditorium. These wheelchair pews are a little higher than normal pews, so, the disabled could have a same vision compared with the normal audiences. And it offers offered hearing aids and the wireless video system during the game.
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Modern Beijing Tour Covers Olympic Stadium

Bird Nest

Price From: US$ 57( 360 CNY )

Departure: Daily
Duration: about 8 hours
Pick-up place and time: Your City Center Hotel around 8:30am
Finishing place and time: Your City Center Hotel around 6:00pm
Payment Method: Cash, Credit Cards, Wire, Western Union
Tour Guide Language: English, other language speaking guide (French, Japanese, Spanish etc.) is available, if need, please contact us!
Feature: One day private tour takes you to visit the modern Beijing, covers Bird Nest, Water Cube, 798 Art Zone, Capital Mseum and National Theater, with well-reputed service!

Review of tourists who had visited this tour:
I have visited Beijing for several times and this time I took a tour to explore the modern Beijing. The 798 was so great and I enchanted to this place. My tour guide was nice and told us a lot about there! Thanks.
Nice Tour! I like Olympic Stadium, the bird nest and water cube was extremely amazing. Thanks the tour guide Lily, she was so friendly and nice.

Detail Itinerary

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1 Day Bus Tour: Badaling Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Olympic Stadium

Bird Nest1. Pick you up from your hotel on departure time, and then drive to the Ming Tomb. You will visit Changling. The sightseeing on the Ming Tombs takes about 1 hour. The visit to Ming Tombs finishes at about 10:45. Before having lunch (11:30 am), you will have 45 minutes for a short visit of Jade Carving Factory. The jade carving is a famous special Chinese product, a blend of the excellent skill on carving and Chinese traditional cultures.
- Ming Tomb: Buried 13 emperors of Ming Dynasty, it is the largest clusters of imperial cemeteries in China.
- Changling: The tomb of Emperor Chengzu and his empress, is the largest and most magnificent one of Ming Tombs.

2. Having traditional Chinese lunch at Jindian restaurant. After lunch, drive to the Badaling Great Wall. The hike on Badaling Great Wall takes 2 hours. Cable car is available and optional.
Badaling Great Wall: The most famous and best-preserved section of the Great Wall.

3. On the way to your hotels, we will drive by the "the Birds Nest, water cube"---the main Olympic Stadium built for the 2008 Olympic Games. After that, you will have a chance to enjoy the Chinese traditional Silk arts. After the tour, transfer back to your hotels.

Detail Itinerary
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Ramada Hotel Beijing

Ramada Hotel BeijingBeijing Olympic Stadium is the place that hosted the opening and closing for Beijing 2008 Olympic. After the Olympic end, Olympic Stadium is opened for public and become one of the most attractive places in modern Beijing. If you want visit Beijing, you can visit Olympic Stadium and look how big the stadium is it. Here, I also will suggest one of the recommended hotels that might suitable for you is Ramada Hotel Beijing. Ramada Hotel Beijing is a three-star hotel that located in Datun North Road, Chaoyang District. Ramada Hotel Beijing is also located close to some important places in Beijing for example, Bird nest or Olympic Stadium, the Water Cube, China National Convenience Center, and others. This hotel is also only takes a 20-minute drive to Beijing Capital International Airport. Lots of tourists in Ramada Hotel Beijing will visit Olympic Stadium during their stay.

Ramada Hotel Beijing totally has 130 guest rooms and 4 floors features with various guest room types that can meet the guest needs. In each guest room, they provide with internet access, safe, refrigerator, flat screen television, coffee tea maker, slippers, hair dryer, mini bar, desk, and others. For the business travelers, Ramada hotel Beijing that located not far from Olympic Stadium will provide with meeting rooms, conference facilities, a business center and others. The banquet hall of this Beijing hotel covers an area of 600 m2, which can hold 200 people for private dinner and meeting. For the visitors who want travel around Beijing, this hotel also provide the tour desk that can help you to arrange your trip in Beijing, includes to visit Olympic Stadium.

Ramada Hotel Beijing’s restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with various types of foods. Room service is available during limited hours. This hotel also provides with other hotel facilities for example, some restaurants, dry cleaning, 24 hours front desk, airport transfer, hair salon, and others. Those facilities will make the tourists of Olympic Stadium feel comfortable during their stay.

Ramada Hotel Beijing staffs will also help you and give their best service. Stay in this hotel, visitors will conveniently visit Summer Palace, the largest Imperial Garden, is only 17 kilometers from our hotel. For business or leisure Ramada Hotel Beijing will provide the guests what they need. With an easy access, hotel guests will reach Olympic Stadium and others area around. Welcome to Beijing and don’t forget to also visit Olympic Stadium!
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